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Player Name - Jacob Helmer

Name - Wise

Alias - Reuben Weiss

Clan - Venture (Status 1)

Location - Gainesville, FL

Postitions held - Heirophant of Gainesville. Scourge of Gainesville, Keeper of the Black Library, Priscus and Primogen of Clan Ventrue

Wise is the public name of a Kindred once called 'Reuben Weiss'. A slight mispronunciation of the name led to him being referred to in his current appelet, and he has not seen fit to correct it. Wise is a Guardian of a great and malevolent force, keeping it hidden and secret for the service of the Circle of the Crone. Moving from Texas to Florida in the 1940s, he moved into business, expanding industry and shipping concerns all around the city, causing it's economy to skyrocket, and helping to ensure that Gainesville is a city uniquely respondent to manipulations of the Kindred. His immediate interest gained the respect and attention of his former mentor, a now torpored Acolyte by the name of 'Ogham'. Ogham initiated Wise into the Circle in bloody, traditional fashion, and instilled in him many of the 'Radically Traditional' beliefs the former cult-leader now holds dear. Passing control of the massive storehouse of demonic and obscure arcane artifacts to his successor before he went under, Ogham left Wise with a sacred charge that he has never abandoned since. In the course of fifty some years, Wise has become one of the most gifted Sorcerers in the Circle, mastering the powers of Cruac and even attempting to design more than a few of his own rites, or allowing 'forbidden magics' to be practiced on him.

Along with his charge as the Guardian of the Black Library, he has a reputation as one of the most resilient creatures walking the earth. Stories still circulate of him wading through hails of bullets, shrugging off the impact of a speeding truck, and even dragging Kindred from their havens to burn in broad daylight. He has been quoted: "The scorching of the sun and the burning of flames is but the slashing of knives to me, and the slashing of knives as the beating of fists, and the beating of fists harms me not at all. The Crone is awakened in my heart, and the bounty of her warden is alive in me, as in no other Kindred before me. I pray the price has not been too high..."

Wise currently serves as Scourge, Primogen, and Priscus in Gainesville, as the most well connected Ventrue of the city, and also as Heirophant of the Circle. He claims responsibility for the status of Ascendancy that the Circle of the Crone enjoys in Gainesville, and the Acolytes of his coven seem enamored of him, more organized than most any in the state.

At the moment, Wise is seeking valid childer. He is attempting to spread his dogma, and his lineage, diverting his blood from it's roots to invent his own line. He seeks savvy humans, and Ventrue converts if they show the right attitudes, to bring into his line, even if they don't follow the same religious beliefs he does. At the same time, he is attempting to expand his religious sect, forming a Cult of Ishtar, and is actively recruiting uncertain young Acolytes to train them in the ways of the Mother-Crone figure.

Rumors and Stories (Please add if you have any)

  • Wise is rumored to be invulnerable. He has been reported shrugging off hails of gunfire, the impact of a truck, the searing light of day, and even the bite of an open flame. It is said that the most knowledgeable Acolytes are privy to the secret of his indestructible nature, but that the Ritual involved is forbidden, that he is the Covenant's guinnea pig for the testing of the magic.
  • Wise is thought to be a 'radical conservative', with hardline and occaisionally bloodthirsty views on how the Covenant should be run. He seems to be of a mind to reform things to create a council, to organize the Covenant under the most respected members.
  • Wise is working on some 'grand project' to unite the First Estate and the Circle of the Crone for some purpose, possibly sheerly for his own benefit.
  • It's been said that Wise is a 'push-button traitor', that he is in fact an Infiltrator for the Invictus, that has somehow wriggled his way to a position no outsider should ever achieve.
  • Many do not trust wise, as he is seen as an Invictus Infiltrator sent to put the Circle under their thumb and subject to their whims.
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